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Why Use A Business Broker/Intermediary


Why Use A Business Broker/Intermediary
May 2015

Business brokers and intermediaries can be valuable allies when it comes time to sell your business. Here are just some of the reasons why it pays to work with professional business brokers:

  • They help sellers establish a fair asking price – fair to the seller and
    the buyer. There is no sense going to market with a price that won’t attract
    serious, potential buyers.
  • They sift through potential buyers and show the business only to those
    who are serious about business ownership. About one out of 50 people who
    call about a business ad are really serious enough that they will eventually
    buy a business.
  • They work on a confidential basis so the entire community doesn’t know
    that the business is for sale.
  • They show the business at times convenient for the seller and will also
    take charge of the process.
  • When a potential buyer shows interest in a particular business, the broker
    will provide preliminary information on the business, schedule meetings with
    the seller, negotiate the terms of a proposed transaction, and will generally
    work with the parties until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.
  • They guide both the buyer and the seller through all the nuances of the
    deal, walking them through the various steps necessary for a satisfactory
  • They work with the various outside professionals and act as the conduit
    between them.
  • Finally, a business broker/intermediary, will in most cases, obtain a selling
    price that is more than the seller would obtain on his or her own.
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