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Selling A Business In South Florida – How A Business Broker Can Help You
January 2012

In the world of business there is always a way to move forward. Part of growing a business is having the potential of selling it off at a later date, but selling a business can sometimes be a difficult task. Business brokers can cut through the confusion and help a small business owner garner the best possible price for their business. Business brokers traditionally help sellers of a business by setting the pricing. With knowledge of the business landscape business brokers can set the going price for the business. They also keep the business confidential, list the business for sale with multiple sales listing services, collect and manage the necessary paperwork and advertise the business for sale. Aside from that business brokers are available to answer any questions from sellers which take the pressure off the business owner during the selling process.

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Business Brokers offer business sellers their expertise and knowledge of business selling. While an owner may know how to run their business they are in new territory when dealing with selling a business. Brokers take out all of the guess work, but that guess work comes at a price. Would-be sellers are required to sign a contract with a broker. The broker is given a percentage of the sale proceeds as payment for their services. The fee can be anywhere from 5%-12% depending on the brokerage used and how much work the brokerage puts into selling the business.

In order to determine if business brokers are a good course of action for your business it is important to consider whether or not you have the time, knowledge and know how to successfully move a business. The price of the business, the value and the market should all come into play when considering whether or not to use a brokerage. A tougher market may make a broker, with his or her knowledge, a necessity if businesses aren’t selling well. Before moving to sell a business with a brokerage considers the pros and cons of dealing with business brokers. Know that a business can take time to sell and the contract the brokers offer will be the most telling sign of your potential success.

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