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Price Your Business Using Business Valuation Techniques – Palm Beach Business Broker
March 2012

If you are contemplating to merge, acquire or sell your business in Palm Beach, seeking the assistance of reputed business brokers like the Murphy will do a world of good to you. With their vast market knowledge, integrity and ability, the professionals at Murphy will guide you through the daunting business valuation with utmost precision. At the outset, the business brokers will suggest you some precautions to take like:

  • Validate your reasons to sell your business as only convincing sale reasons will produce more interest among the buyers
  • Advice you on how selling a business for emotional or economic reasons can lead to wrong deals
  • To be cautious regarding the business documents and financial records: Business brokers will meticulously prepare the business documents and financial records needed prior to selling the business and also advice on what more information is necessary

Selling your Business through Business Brokers Palm Beach

Using the services of the business brokers from a successful broker firm like Murphy has many advantages. It has full-fledged staff of over 85 licensed professionals, working from conveniently placed offices at Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando. It has cracked umpteen business sales, mergers and acquisitions throughout US and other international places through its highly sophisticated online systems. The staff at Murphy Business Brokers, South Florida, works as a part of your team for the sale of your business.

There are some methods typically used by the business brokers to value a business and fix its pricing before a sale. Depending on the kind of business you wish to sell, one of the business valuing methods will work like:

  • Profit based valuation – most common method of valuation and done for businesses which show enough profit
  • Asset based valuation – is used for businesses when a buyer is interested only in its assets which are being sold separately
  • Comparable sales method – the business’s value is based on those businesses sold recently and was similar in business type, location and sales
  • Rule of the thumb – for businesses which show figures regarding their customer/client number or the sales/gross profit. 

As any winning business brokers, the staff at Murphy operate with total confidentiality and honesty to make the business deal successful for both parties – the seller and the buyer. They believe that prosperity awaits only those who strike acceptable deals in business.

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