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I’m Looking To Buy A Business – Miami Business For Sale
April 2012

Being a major economic center and prime tourism hub, Miami offers endless opportunities if you’re looking to buy a business. Now that you’ve decided to be your own boss, it’s not as easy as handing over the money. Just like any other business venture, buying a Miami business for sale involves a judicious assessment of the business. Before plunging, it is best to know and understand vital pieces of information about the business such as:

Reason For Selling Your Business

There are various reasons why sellers sell their businesses. Retirement, divorce, migration, medical problems, economic conditions, struggling business and new challenges are some of them. All these reasons are valid but you need to look deeper for any hidden issues like lawsuits, liens or adverse claims on the assets of the business to prevent getting into trouble in the future.

Business Viability

Profitability is anchored on viability or the capability of the business to succeed. The factors to be considered in determining the viability of a business vary from person to person and greatly depend on the type of niche and industry. Find out if there is a ready, sustainable or better yet a captive market for the product. If the product is of a good brand, there should be little problem. Otherwise, make sure that the seller transfer to you the marketing or networking strategies necessary to sustain the product’s marketability.

Due Diligence

A Miami business for sale is not exempt from due diligence scrutiny. For instance, its financial condition can be determined by checking on its cash flow statements, balance sheets, income statements and tax returns for specified years. Among others, assets, operations, management, human resources, business structure and legal issues should as well be reviewed to determine its actual condition.

Pricing Your Business For Sale

One of the most challenging tasks when selling or buying a business is setting the right price. Sellers tend to value their businesses higher to achieve the highest profit possible while buyers would work for a good buy at a lower price. At this point, you may need the services of a professional to review the financials and apply the generally accepted valuation methods. Also check for intangible assets like intellectual capital, trade secrets, market exclusivity, special skills and expertise. After all is said and done, the right price is the price at which the seller is willing to sell and you, the buyer, are willing to buy

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