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How Long Does It Take To Sell Your Business In South Florida?
January 2012

When you’re looking to try to sell your business, there are several things you should consider. It’s not as though you can just sell your business overnight; there are myriad things you should consider. Of course when the urge strikes you though you should come armed with the answers to these questions to see if the act of trying to sell your business is even worth it.

Business Demand

One of the first things which you should have direct access to is what is the demand for your business; right now. How much money have you been making over recent fiscal quarters? How much of a demand is there for your product or service in the marketplace? How integral are your skill sets to keeping the business running? All things which you should know before you undertake the task of trying to sell your business and a professional business broker can help you with them.

Physical Assets

This is another thing you need to understand; what are your physical assets related back to the business? How much of them are you selling? Are you selling the space where your business takes place? Do you even own the space yet? Answering these questions will help you understand the type of buyer you need to have your eyes on and the level of involvement from the business buyer which will be needed.

Name Your Price

One of the central questions which you as the seller of your business should be aware of is what is your business factually worth? Taking into account all the assets, liabilities, product on hand, product on order, electricity, employees, customer outreach; everything related back to your business that you own or that you have to pay out; all these thing should be considered when you are talking about selling your business.

Going off to sell your business certainly is not for everyone. Often times an owner or founder of a business will hand that down to the next generation before the children decide what to do with the business. Many descendants like the family business and keep it open for years to come. Others will find that the profit margins are too slim or the work is too hard and they will just sell it. If you’re looking to sell your business you should know where you stand on at least these central questions.

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