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How Can The Professional Business Broker Help?


How Can The Professional Business Broker Help?
May 2015

Whether buying a business or selling one, going it alone, so to speak, can be full of surprises and pitfalls. Here are just a few of the ways that a business broker professional can assist in the sale of a business:

  • Help maximize the price a seller can receive for the business. Many times
    the secret is in the structuring of the price and terms. A seller shouldn’t
    leave money on the table.
  • Create and prepare a marketing strategy. The business broker professional
    knows the marketplace.
  • Interview, educate and show the business to only qualified buyers.
  • Keep the seller informed of everything that is happening regarding the
    sale of his or her business, and provide advice accordingly.
  • Present all offers and point out the weaknesses – and strengths of each
  • Provide the names of other qualified advisors, if necessary and any other
    resources that will be helpful during the selling process.

The business broker professional is an experienced businessperson who specializes in selling businesses and helping people interested in selling and buying them. They know the current market conditions, pricing strategies and the selling process itself. They know how to market the business and work with qualified buyers. Sellers must understand, however, that the marketplace and not the business broker will determine the final price.

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