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Businesses For Sale In Broward County: Argentine Family Finds Their American Dream
October 2013

As a Broward County business broker, I work with a lot of foreign buyers that want to invest in a business here in South Florida. Recently, one such family from Argentina found the perfect fit with the purchase of a Sir Speedy franchise in Margate, Florida.

The Sir Speedy franchise in Broward County was for sale for about 9 months. The owner had been in business for over 30 years and wanted to retire. The store is well established in the community, has good employees, and turns a profit. And just as important for our Argentine family, it was a visa-qualified business.

Argentina is a difficult place to do business these days. In the midst of ongoing political instability, they are dealing with 30% inflation and finding it very hard to operate a successful business. This is the case in many other countries as well. Fortunately, for foreign business owners, there is a way to bring themselves and their family to the United States; the E2 visa.

Business owners from countries that maintain a treaty of commerce with the United States can take advantage of the E2 visa to purchase a business for sale in South Florida or any other part of the country. To qualify, they need to show financial capability to not only purchase the business, but to have sufficient funds to support themselves independent of the business. In addition, the business must be visa-qualified, and it is helpful if the investor has a background in the industry wherein he/she is entering.

In this case, the Sir Speedy business for sale in Broward County was a great match. The investor had owned a printing business in Argentina, so he already had in-depth knowledge of the industry. Also, the fact that this was a stable franchise with Sir Speedy – a well-known national brand with outstanding support – gave the investor more assurance that the business would be successful well into the future. To top it all off, the current owner agreed to stay on for an additional 60-90 days to ensure a smooth transition.

My client from Argentina is now able to bring his entire family to beautiful south Florida as he begins operating his new Sir Speedy business. This is the start of a new life for his family in America, made possible by the E2 Treaty Investor visa. If you are a foreign investor looking for an opportunity to relocate to the United States, we have numerous visa qualified south Florida businesses for sale. Get in touch with us to learn more and/or to get the process started.

Let Broward County business broker Russell Cohen help you find your dream business. Contact Him Today.

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