Russel Cohen

Executive Business Breakfast 

Are you or your salespeople spending too much time, effort and resources providing quotes, presentations and information, and still not closing? Join Doug Cohen of Sandler Training for this Business Masterclass: Selling to the Savvy Buyer.

Registration is free of charge. Includes breakfast and a copy of “Why Salespeople Fail.”


Presenting Yourself With Impact

  • How to plan and organize your thoughts
  • Strategies on how to build credibility with your audience
  • Recognize and adapt to different personality styles to better connect with your listeners
  • Effective use of tonality and body language to enhance your presentation
  • Best practices when it comes to using presentation tools to complement your talk


Weekend with the Experts
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It will be two full days jam packed with information from the country’s best minds in small business acquisitions. Attend presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and question and answer periods on Valuations, Negotiations, Business Brokers, Due Diligence, Purchase Contracts and Legal Issues, Deal Structures and Business Acquisition Financing.
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The Art Of Buying The Right Business
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Learn 100’s of tips, proven strategies and techniques from industry experts that will show you precisely how to find and buy the right business.
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  • Russel Cohen
  • Russel Cohen
  • Russel Cohen
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